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I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the official launch of my second novel by participating in the King of Paine Kindle Giveaway Contest. Early readers have weighed in with nothing but four- and five-star reviews and, with your help, it’s time to start spreading the word. One independent reviewer called King of Paine “a complex, compelling, fast-paced and intriguing thriller that will have you turning the pages well into the early morning,” and concluded that at 99 cents for the digital editions “this book is an incredible deal.”

The Kindle Giveaway Contest starts today and will run through the end of the King of Paine Blog Tour on December 21st.  No purchase is required, but you can improve your chances of winning by helping me promote King of Paine as explained in the contest details below.

These promotional activities are things many of you do routinely for authors who inspire you, but setting the price of King of Paine at 99 cents and offering these book-related prizes is my way of saying thank you in advance.  In today’s competitive marketplace, a book’s success depends not only on its quality but also on support from satisfied readers, an enthusiastic blogging community, and loyal friends.  Your kindness means the world to me. I hope you enjoy King of Paine and take home a prize in the contest!


Kindle Giveaway Contest Details

Grand Prize: Kindle Touch 3G (with offers)

First Prize: $25 Gift Card

Second Prize: $10 Gift Card

Third Prize: $5 Gift Card

Eligibility: The drawing for the grand prize will be limited to residents of the US and Canada, but there are no restrictions on eligibility for the other prizes. No Purchase Necessary.

Dates: All entries must be submitted on the official ENTRY FORM by 11:59pm Eastern Time on December 21, 2011.

Selection of Winners: On December 22, 2011, I will use an online random number generator to select  prize winners from among all valid entries. Prior to selection, each participant will be assigned one chance simply for entering the contest plus additional chances for helping to promote King of Paine as follows:

BUY a copy of King of Paine (a great holiday gift!)–25 chances for each copy. Use the link in the right sidebar to order from Amazon or view more buy links and information about the book HERE.

REVIEW King of Paine and post it on any popular book website (e.g., Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Goodreads, LibraryThing, Shelfari, Smashwords, etc.), your blog, or social media—10 chances for each site (up to 10 sites).  Your review can be detailed or just a short blurb, but please try to avoid spoilers.

BLOG about King of Paine (including hosting a guest post or interview) and/or this contest and link to my website—25 chances.

SHARE this post (or my King of Paine post) on Facebook and Twitter (use the sharing buttons at the bottom of each post)–10 chances each.

ASK a question on my Goodreads Q&A–10 chances.

COMMENT about King of Paine on my website or a blog on the King of Paine Blog Tour—5 chances for each blog (one comment per blog).

JOIN my website using Google Friend Connect (bottom left sidebar)–5 chances.

SUBSCRIBE to my newsletter (opt in on the entry form)–5 chances.

LIKE/FOLLOW me on social media (Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Linked-in, Goodreads, LibraryThing, and Shelfari)—5 chances each.

Entries will be accepted on the honor system, but I reserve the right to verify questionable claims and disqualify any cheaters. Play nice! You can include purchases and promotional activities occurring prior to the start of the contest but please do not take credit for activities you haven’t actually completed yet. You may submit additional forms as you complete more activities, but please don’t take credit for the same activities on more than one form.

Good luck, and thanks again for your support!

Click here to view the ENTRY FORM

11 comments on “Kindle Giveaway Contest

  1. I’ve tweeted and join your site as a google friend. I hope to have your review up before the end of the contest! Congrats on your new release!


  2. I am a fan of yours on GoodReads, I wrote a blog post about your Giveaway and shared it on face book.
    I hope to get to reading and reviewing King of Paine before the giveaway is over, hope. But if now I know I will get to it soon.
    Doubleshot Reviews

  3. Thanks, Rachelle. I’m a fan of Doubleshot Reviews, too–your site is one of a few who consistently review thriller/suspense books. I recommend it to readers who are looking for a tip about what to read next!

  4. Thanks, CMash. The blog tour has been such an enjoyable experience for me because of the warmth and enthusiasm of welcoming book bloggers like you.

  5. Hi Larry, I followed your site, and posted reviews to Blog Critics, Good Reads, TicToc(personal blog), Shelfari, Library Thing and Amazon. I also tweeted the link. Occasionally my blog critics reviews will so up on the Seattle PI Blog, but usually takes a day or so, so good luck.

    Great job

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