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King of Paine Launch: A Great First Week!

Thank you to everybody who has made the launch of King of Paine an unqualified success! Sales got off to a nice start, and the Kindle Giveaway Contest is generating an enthusiastic response.

Coincidentally, two 5-star reviews of King of Paine were released this week. The Midwest Book Review called it “…an enticing combination of spy thriller and romance with a dose of intrigue, highly recommended.” The full text is posted here under Editorial Reviews. Then over the weekend Hampton Reviews said:

“King of Paine is a tautly written, absorbing page-turner. I usually can guess the ending to a police procedural by about the third chapter.  This is not the case with Mr. Kahn’s wonderful new book.”

You can read the full review on the Hampton Reviews website, along with an author interview that was posted this morning.

The ebook editions of King of Paine are priced at only 99 cents for a limited time, an excellent holiday value! You can use the Amazon link in the right sidebar or view the full array of purchase options here.

Thank you again for your support. I hope you enjoy King of Paine!

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