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Blog Tour Day 12: Author of the Week Interview with Holly on Full Moon Bites

As we begin the second half of the King of Paine blog tour, I’m honored to be featured as the Author of the Week on Full Moon Bites. To mark the occasion, I sat down with my host, Holly, for a revealing interview, and we’ll also be giving away some books!

Holly is herself a striving writer and hopes to one day have a book or series published. In her own words, “until then I’ll write, read, and review until my hearts content.” Full Moon Bites is a hauntingly attractive blog that features robust reviews of a wide range of fiction–contemporary, romance (western, historical, paranormal), crime, horror, fantasy/urban fantasy, mystery/thriller, young adult, and erotica. Holly supports indie writers and regularly features an Author of the Week. You can lose a few hours browsing!

Tomorrow the blog tour stops at The Book Diva’s Reads, where my host, Vivian, will review King of Paine and feature my guest post: “Buried Treasures: Treats for the Watchful Reader.” I hope you’ll join us–I’ll be revealing a few secrets hidden in King of Paine.

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