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Blog Tour Day 18: Review on Thoughts In Progress

The King of Paine blog tour is making that last turn into the home stretch! Today, we return to Thoughts in Progress for Mason Canyon’s review of, you guessed it, King of Paine. The review will also be featured in The Sunday Salon, a virtual hangout where over five hundred bloggers get together every Sunday and share what they’re reading.

After reading Mason’s review, you’ll probably be tempted to browse Thoughts In Progress, an award-winning blog featuring hundreds of book reviews, guest posts and giveaways. Don’t fight it–that’s what Sundays are for!

Please join me tomorrow at CMash Loves to Read–Cheryl will be hosting a book giveaway and my final guest post of the tour, “My Inspiration For King of Paine.” Not surprisingly, since the story melds two wildly different plot lines, I was inspired by two distinct ideas.

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  1. Lori Michaelson
    Lori Michaelson December 18, 2011 at 10:46 pm |

    I’m looking very forward to reading your inspiration behind KING OF PAINE for sure!

    Intertwining two different plot lines could not have been easy to do — at least in this novel and in my humble opinion. I must say that it enhanced the story greatly and therefore added even more “reader appeal” to KING OF PAINE. Therefore I am very much indeed looking forward to the two instinct “ideas” that were your inspiration for and behind creating the two different plot lines!

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