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Blog Tour Day 19: Guest Post on CMash Loves To Read, “My Inspiration for King of Paine,” & Book Giveaway

CMash Loves to Read”= King of Paine melds two wildly different story lines. In one, Special Agent Frank Paine hunts an online stalker who’s taunting him with crimes hinting at the agent’s own kinky past. At the same time, reporter Roger Martin is guided by an angelic woman to investigate missing senior citizens across the country. Given the book’s split personality, readers of today’s guest post on CMash Loves to Read entitled “My Inspiration for King of Paine” will not be surprised that it was inspired by two distinct ideas, but you’ll never guess what they are. Join me and my host, Cheryl (“CMash”), for my final guest post of the tour and a book giveaway.

If you’re a mystery/suspense fan, you’ll feel comfortable on Cheryl’s warm, homey blog. Her favorite genres are suspense, mystery, some contemporary romance and/or fiction, but this appears to be a vampire-free zone. If horror, paranormal, sci-fi or fantasy are you’re thing,  look elsewhere! Another great thing about CMash’s blog is that she loves to do book giveaways, and she does them with a flourish. She has a few interesting ones underway now and a couple more in the pipeline. Stop by, browse, and enter for chances to win free books. Sounds like  a great way to start the week!

I’ll be responding to your questions tomorrow on my Goodreads Q&A, live from 1PM to 2PM and from 7PM to 8PM (you can leave questions any time). On Wednesday, Natalie at Purple Jelly Bean Chair Reviews will wrap up the tour with a review, author interview, and book giveaway. And don’t forget to submit your entry for the King of Paine Kindle Giveaway Contest by midnight on Wednesday. Good luck!

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