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Blog Tour Day 21: Review & Interview on Purple Jelly Bean Chair Reviews

Purple Jelly Bean Chair ReviewsToday is the last day of my three-week blog tour promoting King of Paine, and we finish with a flourish on Purple Jelly Bean Chair Reviews. My host, Natalie, tells me she plans to give me a thorough grilling in our interview before she presents her review of King of Paine. Thank you for following my tour; I hope you’ll join us one last time for my grand finale on Natalie’s hauntingly beautiful blog!

Natalie reviews a wide range of material: paranormal and historical romance, mystery/suspense, paranormal (including erotic, adult, and YA),  urban fantasy, fantasy, chick lit, young adult, memoirs, and autobiographies. In her own words, “I am totally obsessed with reading, can’t seem to get enough books to read, and even when I have 10 new books I haven’t read yet, I will still buy a new one.” Her love of books is clear from her reviews; even negative comments are delivered with a positive spin. Enjoy!

[Note: This event was delayed due to a power outage in Nova Scotia, where Natalie’s blog is hosted. I apologize for any inconvenience and thank Natalie for posting as soon as she could.]

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