Blog Tour Day 8: Book Giveaway and My Guest Post on All the Days of: “Crafting Intricate Plots: My Writing Process”

 All the Days ofI’m not one of those writers who can sit at the keyboard and let his characters take over completely–not that there’s anything wrong with that. Many people enjoy a fast, light-weight story, but I prefer to read more intricate plots, so that’s what I write. In today’s guest post on All the Days of, courtesy of my South African host Chrizette, I share some thoughts about my writing process, a rigorous ordeal that helps explain why it takes me so long to complete a book–and why readers love the twists and turns in my plots. Please join us–Chrizette will be also be giving away an autographed copy of King of Paine and two ebook editions.

After you’re finished reading my guest post, please take a few minutes to browse All the Days of. Paranormal and historical romances are Chrizette’s favorite genres, although she has discovered a love of dystopian and YA novels recently, and she’s always on the lookout for that elusive genre-transcending book. Her reviews are artfully written. Chrizette  lives in a beautiful part of South Africa, where she often enjoys camping. In her own words, “what a wonderful opportunity to read when there is no-one else in sight.  I love reading . . . especially if it is something that takes me away from the normal world.”

Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for my interview with Misty Rayburn at The Top Shelf. She tells me her back’s been aching of late, so I’m prepared to take a few jabs from her. Hopefully, my legal training will help keep me quick on my feet!

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