Blog Tour Day 9: My Interview With Misty on The Top Shelf

Today’s stop on the King of Paine Blog Tour features my interview with Misty, an avid reader and the owner of The Top Shelf, a sleek looking blog that recently celebrated its first anniversary. Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She likes to read books of all genres, and her tag cloud on The Top Shelf reflects that,  with similar weightings for paranormal, romance, comedy, fantasy, young adult and mystery/thrillers. Her love of books shows in her reviews. In her own words, “The day I stop having fun reviewing is the day I’ll quit reviewing. Until that day comes, if it comes at all, you can always expect me to be honest but helpful.” In addition to help finding new reads, you’ll  enjoy browsing Misty’s blog for “top shelf” features like book trailers, author interviews, guest blogs and contests.

Tomorrow the tour takes a jaunt north of the border to Darlene’s Book Nook, where Darlene will host a  book giveaway and my guest post: “Rooting for a Flawed Protagonist.” Frank Paine did a bad, bad thing, making him a rarity in the thriller universe–a truly flawed protagonist. I’ll discuss how I tried to meet the challenge of making him sympathetic.

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  1. THE TOP SHELF sounds like a great blog! After not having Internet service for 17 hours (thank you Comcast) I am off to check it out now!

    Lori in Arizona

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