King of Paine Hits Bestseller List!

King of Paine cracked the Top 100 Kindle bestseller list for its category and has risen into the Top 50 this morning! Thank you, readers, for giving it a try. Please consider posting a brief review on your favorite sites when you’re done reading it–a book’s success depends upon great word-of-mouth recommendations from happy readers. Your support is deeply appreciated.

2 comments on “King of Paine Hits Bestseller List!

  1. I have been a huge fan of the novel KING OF PAINE since I read it in the middle of November (2011) to the present day. Because it has been one of the best books I have read in a long long time (and among the top 10 I have read over the last decade) I have been a huge supporter of author Larry Kahn.

    I do not know exactly what led me to visit his website on this Wednesday evening (February 29, 2011) but I did — the very day he announced this fantastic news!!!!! KING OF PAINE deserves every bit of this wonderful news. Congratulations Larry! I am so happy for you and excited for more readers to go ahead and enrapture themselves in this wonderful read!

    Lori in Arizona

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