Researching An FBI Story

King of Paine is a complex story with many subplots and themes, but at heart it’s about a flawed man, Frank Paine, seeking redemption by joining an organization striving to recapture its own fabled mojo after a string of historic failures. With the ghosts of Waco, Ruby Ridge, and 9/11 whispering in his ear, Frank’s […]

Think Like A Lawyer: Negotiating A New Car Purchase

Know someone in the market for a new car? I’m pleased to announce publication of the first title in my new “Think Like A Lawyer” series, “Negotiating A New Car Purchase.” I’ve used the negotiating strategy detailed in this short ebook to get the rock bottom price–sometimes below dealer invoice–on my new cars for years and […]

Rooting for a Flawed Protagonist

Readers love to root for their action heroes, so even when authors endow their main characters with flaws to add depth and realism, the “defects” are often designed to make you sympathize with the character more (like a job applicant who reluctantly admits to being a workaholic). The archetypes are familiar: the rogue cop whose […]