Blog Tour Ends! Kindle Giveaway Contest Winners Announced

Thank you to everybody who participated in the King of Paine blog tour and entered my Kindle Giveaway Contest. My blog hosts were terrific, as evidenced by the excellent reviews, interviews and guest posts now populating the widgets in the right sidebar of this site. They do it all for the love of books and […]

Blog Tour Day 21: Review & Interview on Purple Jelly Bean Chair Reviews

Today is the last day of my three-week blog tour promoting King of Paine, and we finish with a flourish on Purple Jelly Bean Chair Reviews. My host, Natalie, tells me she plans to give me a thorough grilling in our interview before she presents her review of King of Paine. Thank you for following […]

Blog Tour Day 20: My Goodreads Q&A

As my blog tour approaches its end, I thought I’d give readers a chance to ask me questions about King of Paine and my writing in a live venue and also introduce those of you who haven’t found it yet to Goodreads. It’s the largest site for readers and book recommendations in the world, with […]

Blog Tour Day 19: Guest Post on CMash Loves To Read, “My Inspiration for King of Paine,” & Book Giveaway

King of Paine melds two wildly different story lines. In one, Special Agent Frank Paine hunts an online stalker who’s taunting him with crimes hinting at the agent’s own kinky past. At the same time, reporter Roger Martin is guided by an angelic woman to investigate missing senior citizens across the country. Given the book’s […]

Blog Tour Day 18: Review on Thoughts In Progress

The King of Paine blog tour is making that last turn into the home stretch! Today, we return to Thoughts in Progress for Mason Canyon’s review of, you guessed it, King of Paine. The review will also be featured in The Sunday Salon, a virtual hangout where over five hundred bloggers get together every Sunday […]

Blog Tour Day 17: King of Paine Featured in Indie Book Blowout!

We’re celebrating Day 17 of the blog tour as one of the featured thrillers in the Indie Book Blowout, 12 Days of Christmas event.  From December 12 – 24, many great indie titles in all genres will be available for 99 cents. Some of you just cringed, I’m sure of it. You’re thinking there has […]

Blog Tour Day 16: Review on Opinions of a Wolf

Day 16 of the blog tour takes us to Opinions of a Wolf and the first howling pan of King of Paine on the tour.  If you have any doubts about the independence of the reviewers hosting my events, this post will ease your mind! No book is for everyone, and King of Paine deals […]

Blog Tour Day 15: Review & My Guest Post on The Enchanted Book, “What Can You Expect From A 99-Cent E-book?”

The dramatic rise of e-books has made it easy for anybody to publish a novel, and readers are scrambling for ways to pluck the most entertaining stories from the bargain bin. In today’s guest post at The Enchanted Book—  “What Can You Expect From a 99-cent E-Book?”– I make the case for some amazing values […]

Blog Tour Day 14: My Guest Post on Alive On The Shelves, “When Eye Candy Fights Back: Adding Depth To A Love Interest”

On today’s tour stop, we’ll visit Alive On The Shelves, where Lisa hosts my guest post “When Eye Candy Fights Back: Adding Depth To a Love Interest.” It’s about Jolynn Decker, Frank Paine’s feisty ex-girlfriend, who alternates among suspect, tease, lover, sidekick, and victim in King of Paine with the ease of a more experienced […]

Blog Tour Day 13: My Guest Post on the Book Diva’s Reads “Buried Treasures: Treats for the Watchful Reader”

Day 13 of the blog tour takes us to The Book Diva’s Reads for my guest post “Buried Treasures: Treats for the Watchful Reader” and  a review of King of Paine by my host, Vivian, The Book Diva herself. Today’s post was a fun one to write because when the grind of revising later drafts […]

Blog Tour Day 12: Author of the Week Interview with Holly on Full Moon Bites

As we begin the second half of the King of Paine blog tour, I’m honored to be featured as the Author of the Week on Full Moon Bites. To mark the occasion, I sat down with my host, Holly, for a revealing interview, and we’ll also be giving away some books! Holly is herself a […]

Blog Tour Day 11: “Getting Inside The Mind of a Madman,” My Interview with Frank Paine

We’re halfway through the King of Paine blog tour, and I’ve set aside this Sunday for an interview with Frank Paine to learn how the rookie FBI agent got inside the mind of the stalker who tormented him. The conversation has been edited to avoid spoilers and maintain this site’s “PG” rating. KAHN: Thank you […]

Blog Tour Day 10: Book Giveaway and My Guest Post on Darlene’s Book Nook: “Rooting for a Flawed Protagonist”

Readers love to root for their action heroes, so even when authors endow their main characters with flaws to add depth and realism, the “defects” are often designed to make you sympathize with the character more (like a job applicant who reluctantly admits to being a workaholic). But in my new suspense novel, Frank Paine […]

Blog Tour Day 9: My Interview With Misty on The Top Shelf

Today’s stop on the King of Paine Blog Tour features my interview with Misty, an avid reader and the owner of The Top Shelf, a sleek looking blog that recently celebrated its first anniversary. Misty graduated from Capital University in 2005 with a degree in English Literature. She likes to read books of all genres, […]

Blog Tour Day 8: Book Giveaway and My Guest Post on All the Days of: “Crafting Intricate Plots: My Writing Process”

 I’m not one of those writers who can sit at the keyboard and let his characters take over completely–not that there’s anything wrong with that. Many people enjoy a fast, light-weight story, but I prefer to read more intricate plots, so that’s what I write. In today’s guest post on All the Days of, courtesy […]

Blog Tour Day 7: Review & Guest Post “Researching the Psychology of BDSM” on Owl Tell You About It

Despite the provocative image on King of Paine‘s cover, I did not set out to write a novel about BDSM. But as themes about control and its abandonment to faith and chance emerged, the BDSM elements began to predominate. In today’s guest post on Owl Tell You About It, we’ll take a peek inside the […]

Blog Tour Day 6: Review & Interview on Boekie’s Book Reviews

The tour takes a long hop across the country to sunny California today, but thanks to the wonder of the Internet I can’t use jet lag as an excuse for spilling my guts in an interview with the aptly-named Vanessa Booke at Boekie’s Book Reviews. From my position in the hot seat, she could hold […]

Blog Tour Day 5: Guest Post on Thoughts In Progress: “Who Are You Chatting With?: The Dangers of Anonymous Internet Communications”

Ever since my two sons began using AOL’s instant messaging service in the late-1990s, I’ve been intrigued by the potential for good and evil inherent in anonymous Internet chat, a device featured prominently in both of my novels. Like every parent, I feared my kids could become vulnerable to predators if allowed to roam cyberspace […]

Blog Tour Day 4: Guest Post “Writing Thought-Provoking Suspense: Social Themes” on The Write To Make A Living And An Absolutely Amazing Review!

Like many thriller/suspense authors, especially those trained as attorneys, I craft intricate, well-researched plots, engage my characters in thought-provoking social drama and spice their lives with alluring romantic entanglements. The most challenging aspect of mastering this genre is incorporating contemporary social issues without preaching or compromising pace. I address that challenge on today’s blog tour […]

Blog Tour Day 3: My Guest Post “Researching An FBI Story” on Live To Read

Today’s event on the King of Paine blog tour is my guest post entitled “Researching An FBI Story” on Krystal Larson’s excellent blog, Live To Read. While I took a few liberties, several amazing resources helped me paint Frank Paine’s FBI with true colors, including an exhausting day spent interviewing a pair of Special Agents […]

Blog Tour Day 2: From the TBR Pile

Today’s stop on the King of Paine Blog Tour is a review and book giveaway on From the TBR Pile, an extremely attractive site hosted by Kari Boardman and Autumn Crochet. It has over 1,000 followers, and they review a wide range of genres. The largest labels in their tag cloud are contemporary romance and […]

King of Paine Kicks Off “Snowed in with Indie Authors” Review and Giveaway Festival

  The King of Paine Blog Tour begins today, December 1,  and the first stop is at What Book is That?, a popular book blog that is hosting  a “Snowed in with Indie Authors” festival all month long.  Every day in December, a different indie book will be reviewed at  Each review has a […]

King of Paine Blog Tour

I’m pleased to release the schedule for the King of Paine Blog Tour, which together with a Kindle Giveaway Contest also announced today, will mark the book’s official launch. Each day from December 1 -21, King of Paine will be featured on one of the world’s greatest book blogs, with reviews, book giveaways, interviews and […]