Sample Chapter: The Jinx


ADAMS THOMPSON COULD NOT shake thoughts of The Assassin from his mind. New York was on fire, a fire he had started, yet the impassioned words of the young woman coiled in his guest chair were losing the battle for his attention.

“We’re at the epicenter of what could become the worst race riots in thirty years, and you’re gonna let us get scooped,” Christy Kirk said. “Dammit, Mr. T, this could be the story of the century.”

Thompson’s gaze connected with her blazing brown eyes, the only hint that this tiny elf of a woman had the hardened soul of a reporter. She was so slight Thompson was tempted to blow out a breath and watch her float away. But Christy Kirk was not so easily dismissed. Not by her sources, not by her editor at the City Desk and not even by the publisher of the Herald Times. Beneath that pixyish face and tangle of auburn hair lay the heart of a tiger.

Thompson broke her Svengali-like stare, turning to face the window behind his desk. “Sunday’s editorial triggered this mess,” he said absently. “We’re too involved to be objective.”

He ran his fingers through the wisp of sandy hair that circled the lower reaches of his scalp. The view of the Hudson River usually calmed him, but not now. He could ignore the angry mob milling about on the street ten stories below. He could even deal patiently with Christy Kirk. But the frightening riddle that had plagued him since Wednesday, when he received the cryptic e-mail from The Assassin—a man long thought dead—made his head throb. What does this imposter want from me?

“This story is bigger than your opinion on the Board of Education’s proposal to create a metropolitan area school district,” she said.

Copyright © 2000, 2011 by Larry Kahn

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