King of Paine: Sample Page 4

“Where’s the key to these cuffs?” Carlisle shouted.

“It’s not what you think!” the suspect repeated angrily. He tried to twist his body to hide his wilting hard-on. Although his muscle tone suggested a superior level of fitness than most guys in their thirties, graying body hair betrayed his age. “This is consensual! You can’t break in here like this!”

“A minor can’t legally consent,” Reyes said. “You’re under arrest for statutory rape. You have the right—”

“Minor?” Frank saw the man’s eyes widen through the holes in the mask. “She told me she’s twenty-five! We’re roleplaying her fantasy!”

“He’s lying!” the girl cried out from the bed. “I never consented to this! Bud promised he’d only touch me with his hands and crop!”

Her body remained covered by the sheet but, to Frank, she did not look or sound like a child. What the fuck is going on here?

Reyes tilted his head. “Bud? You don’t roleplay online as Paul Brenner?” he asked the suspect.

“My screen name is MasterJimRally. I’m a CEO, not a rapist,” the man said through clenched teeth. “Take these damn handcuffs off and get me a towel.”

He directed the confused agents to his suit jacket hanging in the closet, where they found his ID and keys to the girl’s shackles. After releasing her, Carlisle escorted the girl to the bathroom to get dressed. Woodbridge stood guard near the closet while the suspect changed.

 Copyright © 2011 by Larry Kahn

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