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The suspect was reluctant to submit to an interrogation without his lawyer present, but he gave in after Reyes threatened to turn him over to the Atlanta police for booking. He paced by the window as Reyes and Woodbridge peppered him with questions. Identifying himself as James Ralston, the CEO of Atlanta Pharmaceutical Ventures, one of the world’s largest drug companies, he claimed to have roleplayed BDSM fantasies for several weeks with a woman calling herself EdnaTurnbad. She portrayed a bottled-up secretary willing to do anything to please her boss. According to Ralston, she suggested the live rendezvous.

As promised, he found her kneeling on the bed, already bound, blindfolded, and gagged, and clad only in lingerie when he arrived. He got undressed, set up the camera, forcibly removed the rest of her clothes, and then pretended to rape her, all as prearranged. She struggled, as expected, but the scene called for him to continue until exhaustion, no matter what.

“No safe word?” Frank asked, entering the dialogue for the first time. He noticed Reyes shoot him an odd glance.

Before he met Jolynn, his involvement with the BDSM community had been exclusively online, but even then his roleplays abided by the mantra “safe, sane, and consensual.” In these scenes, he was the producer, scriptwriter, director, and star rolled into one, totally controlling his submissive’s fate, but always within reason, exploring her boundaries, maximizing her pleasure. A good dominant needed to be free to test limits, but you never knew what might make a sub freak out. Those who practiced the art accepted that every scene must include a way for the sub to withdraw consent, typically an unusual word or other signal that would call for an immediate “time out” to reassess the boundaries for the session.

“That’s what made this scenario different,” Ralston said, staring out the window at the midtown Atlanta skyline. “My wife is not…adventurous. I played these domination scenes online for years, just for kicks, never cheated on her. But Edna wanted to play without limits, no turning back.”

He folded his arms together tightly against his chest and made eye contact with Frank. “A total power exchange.”

Frank acknowledged the gesture of fellowship with a nod. When every aspect of your life was governed by someone else’s rules, the notion of assuming control over a woman for a couple of hours could be irresistible. The knowledge that she relished the loss of accountability as much as you craved the power was like winning an Oscar for a pet indie project, icing on the cake.

“When we played the scene online—”

Ralston stopped and whirled abruptly when the bathroom door creaked open.

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