Buried Treasures: Treats for the Watchful Reader

For me, writing is a lonely sport, thousands of hours invested in a novel with only sporadic feedback from my critique group and beta readers. In early drafts, when I’m focused on building characters and weaving plots together, solving the puzzles that make a novel sizzle provides its own thrill. The grind of revising later […]

Festival of Books: Hanukkah Giveaway

The book world is getting its holiday groove on, and eight of us Hanukkah celebrants wanted to join the party. We’ve banded together to announce a Festival of Books, eight days and nights of book giveaways running from December 20th – 28th.  We’ll each give away a few of our own ebooks, and one grand […]

Free Ebook Reader!

No, this is not spam–although it’s not a free iPad, either. But it is an invitation to join the ebook revolution at zero cost, using your existing electronic equipment. Free software programs by reputable providers are available to turn your home computer, laptop, netbook or smartphone into an ebook reader, and they work beautifully. In […]