Think Like A Lawyer Series

Larry Kahn is a retired attorney with twenty years’ experience advising corporate clients on decisions often involving stakes in the hundreds of millions of dollars. He was raised in a working class home and had no special privileges, but graduated from Yale Law School, married a wonderful woman from a similar background, raised two college-educated sons with her, and retired at age forty-five. He has learned some tricks to simplify life along the way and is writing the Think Like A Lawyer series to pass that knowledge on to others.

“Negotiating A New Car Purchase” is the first ebook in the series. Future titles include “A Guide To Making Good Decisions,” “Planning For The Long Term,” and “Protecting Your Student From Landlords & Roommates.”

Negotiating A New Car Purchase

Buying a new car can be both exciting and frightening. There’s a lot of money at stake, and car salesmen are notoriously slick. This short ebook will guide you through the car buying process, arming you with enough information and negotiating tools to bring the most battle-hardened salesman to his knees. Most of the work can be accomplished from home. It’s so easy to get the absolute rock bottom price for your dream car that you’ll almost wish you could do it more often!

Think Like A Lawyer: Negotiating A New Car Purchase provides a simple procedure based on the author’s negotiating experience with car dealers and in the business world. It focuses on new car purchases, although some of the advice is transferable to used car negotiations, as well. Kahn’s style is concise, providing clear action steps without puffing up the writing with long anecdotes or redundancy to make it seem more impressive. This guide is unique because it shows you how to pit dealer against dealer to get the best price possible. If you follow the author’s methodology, you will avoid the tricks and traps employed by car salesman and ultimately save hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars on your first car purchase!

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