Blog Tour Day 10: Book Giveaway and My Guest Post on Darlene’s Book Nook: “Rooting for a Flawed Protagonist”

Readers love to root for their action heroes, so even when authors endow their main characters with flaws to add depth and realism, the “defects” are often designed to make you sympathize with the character more (like a job applicant who reluctantly admits to being a workaholic). But in my new suspense novel, Frank Paine did a bad, bad thing, making him a rarity in the thriller universe–a truly flawed protagonist. In today’s guest post on Darlene’s Book Nook I discuss how I tried to meet the challenge of making him sympathetic in King of Paine.

The tagline for Darlene’s Book Nook is “So many books, so little time!” That sums up  Darlene’s busy site in a nutshell. She posts almost daily, with reviews, giveaways and book tour events keeping her on her toes almost as much as her two children. In her own words, ” I was always an avid reader, but reading adult literature became non-existent once the kids were born! For my birthday last year, my husband bought me an iPod, and it was the best gift ever! Since then, I have listened to more books than I have read in the past nine years!” Darlene’s genres of interest are paranormal, suspense/thriller, mystery, young adult, horror, urban fantasy, fantasy, romantic suspense, mainstream fiction, and juvenile fiction (which she reads aloud to her children). Take a stroll around her Book Nook and enjoy!

Tomorrow the tour heads back here to my website for “Getting Inside the Mind of a Madman,” my interview with Frank Paine. We’ll discuss how he outwitted the ruthless stalker who hunted him in King of Paine and other choice topics. I understand Frank is miffed about some of the literary choices I made, so the conversation may get heated.

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  1. On Darlene’s Book Nook Larry asked folks who their favorite “flawed” protagonist of all time was. I had to rack my brain with that question and came up with nothing until today. I am going to say Charles Dickens’ SCROOGE. 🙂 Also, how apropos for the season!

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