Blog Tour Day 14: My Guest Post on Alive On The Shelves, “When Eye Candy Fights Back: Adding Depth To A Love Interest”

On today’s tour stop, we’ll visit Alive On The Shelves, where Lisa hosts my guest post “When Eye Candy Fights Back: Adding Depth To a Love Interest.” It’s about Jolynn Decker, Frank Paine’s feisty ex-girlfriend, who alternates among suspect, tease, lover, sidekick, and victim in King of Paine with the ease of a more experienced actress. Join us to learn how this former beauty queen fought to avoid being type-cast.

Book people will love browsing Alive on the Shelves, a contemporary, professionally-crafted blog Lisa created because she wanted a place to talk about the books she reads. In her own words, “I’m an avid – if indiscriminate – reader.  I’m a big fan of mysteries and thrillers, but I’ll read a bit of anything – non-fiction, biographies, historical fiction, comedy.  You might even convince me to read a little romance, if it’s well written.” She reviews a lot of mainstream fiction but is a supporter of quality indie work, too. Stop by, and you’ll see why her blog is so popular!

On tomorrow’s tour stop, The Enchanted Book will host my guest post “What Can You Expect From A 99-Cent E-Book?” My answer might surprise you. And while we’re on the topic of 99-cent e-books, King of Paine is participating in The 12 Days of Christmas Book Blowout. Dozens of GREAT eBooks in all genres are on sale now for 99¢ each!

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