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  1. Lori Michaelson
    Lori Michaelson December 16, 2011 at 1:24 am |

    Larry Kahn’s commentary on all the pros for new authors and e-books is exceptional when visiting the book blog THE ENCHANTED BOOK (with host — Selena) where his commentary can be read in full. However, I was quite stunned (to say the least) with Selena’s review of KING OF PAINE on her book blog. I have read the novel and the characters are outstanding. Mr. Kahn’s style of writing (and his carefully chosen prose) is exceptional and enchanting and that, in itself, can make or break a book.

    All I can say is everyone is a critic but Selena’s commentary was unfounded and even challenging!

    Need proof? Need a great novel? Read KING OF PAINE for yourself and you will find enchanting characters, a complex plot but a comfortable read and much more. You will find the events and characters in this novel to be evidence that not only is it well worth the read but that it should be on bookshelves everywhere — even on the New York Times Bestseller List (not that THAT means anything). The proverbial “proof is in the pudding” with this novel!


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