Blog Tour Day 3: My Guest Post “Researching An FBI Story” on Live To Read

Today’s event on the King of Paine blog tour is my guest post entitled “Researching An FBI Story” on Krystal Larson’s excellent blog, Live To Read. While I took a few liberties, several amazing resources helped me paint Frank Paine’s FBI with true colors, including an exhausting day spent interviewing a pair of Special Agents in the Atlanta Field Office. Hop on over to Live To Read to learn more about how I created an action-packed Bureau experience grounded in reality. Krystal is also offering a book giveaway–two ebooks and a signed trade paperback.

My host today, Krystal, is a college student who reads and reviews books in just about any genre. She estimates she has read over 5,000 books over the course of her short life; in her own words, “some of the books were classics, some of the books were terrific, and some of the books were…misses.” Fortunately for me, she enjoyed King of Paine when she reviewed it back in September (reposted today). I encourage you to browse her blog for some great tips on what to read next (after King of Paine, of course!).

Please join me again tomorrow at The Write To Make A Living, where I’ll be guest posting about “Writing Thought-Provoking Suspense: Social Themes.” My host, Stacey, will also present a review of King of Paine and give away a few free copies.


3 comments on “Blog Tour Day 3: My Guest Post “Researching An FBI Story” on Live To Read

  1. I have read many FBI/Detective novels in my life but, KING OF PAINE stands in a category by itself. The characters were real (to me) and the storyline was fascinating. I’m glad I didn’t miss this one!

  2. Thanks, Suzie. Just look in the right sidebar for a quick link to the Kindle version of the book.

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