King of Paine Kicks Off “Snowed in with Indie Authors” Review and Giveaway Festival

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The King of Paine Blog Tour begins today, December 1,  and the first stop is at What Book is That?, a popular book blog that is hosting  a “Snowed in with Indie Authors” festival all month long.  Every day in December, a different indie book will be reviewed at  Each review has a giveaway attached for digital books, print books, gift certificates and more!

I’m honored to kick off the festival with host Emily’s great review of King of Paine. Over 30 books will be up for grabs this month, so stop by every day for a new chance to win! Don’t forget to leave a comment on Emily’s post before entering my Kindle Giveaway Contest to increase your chances to win.

4 comments on “King of Paine Kicks Off “Snowed in with Indie Authors” Review and Giveaway Festival

  1. To be brutally honest, and to my embarrassment, this is the first time I have done this. I guess anything goes (for the most part) to be put here as a comment.

    All I can say is that I am so excited for Larry to kick off a blog tour and have his latest novel, KING OF PAINE, to be featured this month in “Snowed in with Indie Authors” beginning first on the website! If his excitement is even close to the excitement I felt turning each page in his novel (KING OF PAINE)–it is surely intense!

    Congratulations on all of your achievements hitherto Larry!


  2. Thanks, Lori–that was an excellent comment! And I am excited to get the blog tour started tomorrow on Whatbookisthat?–Emily will be giving away some great books all month long, starting with King of Paine.

  3. Thanks, Suzie. My blog hosts have been fantastic, and it’s a lot more fun touring online and interacting with kind readers like you and Lori than it ever was slogging from bookstore to bookstore up and down the East Coast. Been there!

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